Malabar Gourmet

Frequently Asked Questions

Got Questions?

1. Can i use my credit card to make my purchase?
Yes, BUT, payments are in-store only when picking up your order.

2. Do I have to be a registered member to purchase products online?
No, all that is needed is your email address, no registration fee required.

3. Can I earn reward points if I purchase online?
Yes, points are earned via all transactions be it in-store or online

4. Is there a maximum or minimum purchase order?
No, once there is sufficient stock any order amount can be placed.

5. Can I request items not listed on the website?
Sorry, no …. all items listed on website are the same as in-store. However, if there’s a particular brand or item that you love, please let us know and we’ll look into it.

6. Can I use more than one coupon on my purchase order?
Sorry, no, only one coupon is redeemable at a time. Promotional coupons cannot be combined

7. How long will it take for my order to be processed?
Your order is processed within 24hrs BUT during checkout, you’ll be able to select your pick-up date.

8. What happens if I miss my pick up time or date?
Your order will be kept for 24hrs … if it is not collected within that time your order will be cancelled. If you cannot collect an order, please contact us.

9. What payment method do you accept?
Our payment methods are Cash, LINX and Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard). Please note, all payments are to be made in-store when you collect your order.

10. How can I cancel my order?
To cancel an order, please contact us as soon as possible.

11. Do you deliver?
Sorry, no. At the moment, we’re offering in-store pick up and payment for items only.

12. How often is this service offered?
This pick-up service is available through Monday-Friday only.

13. Can i reedeem a gift card as payment of my products?
Yes, gift cards are redeemable for product purchases.

14.Can I return something if i am not satisfied?
We take pride in the high quality of our fresh food and packaged goods. That’s why we guarantee your satisfaction with every product, every time. If you are dissatisfied with any item in your order, please contact us right away — we’ll replace it with an acceptable item.